Former PepsiCo CEO Built Diversity and Inclusion

There are many Indians who are the heads of the famous Fortune 500 companies. Including Microsoft CEO Nadella. Google CEO  and so on. Among this group of people, Indian Indra is quite special. The PepsiCo she once managed was not a Silicon Valley high-tech company. But a fast-moving food and beverage industry, and she herself is a woman. Which is rare in the background of the top 500 CEOs. Indra served as CEO and Chairman of PepsiCo for 12 years. When she left office in 2018, PepsiCo’s market value increased by US$57 billion compared with when she took over, net profit increased by US$64 billion, and each of PepsiCo’s 22 brands achieved at least US$1 billion in revenue. Recently, I had the opportunity to read Indra’s autobiography “My Life In Full” and learned more about this legendary woman. It is worth mentioning that Indra herself is an Indian immigrant. Because of her special background, when she was in charge of PepsiCo.

Leaders must lead by example They have no tolerance for stereotyped 

She was particularly proud of leading PepsiCo to make great achievements in Diversity & Inclusion. grades. Today, many Chinese companies have also begun to put diversity and inclusion on the official HR work agenda. For example, in 2020, Byte Dance added one item to the company’s cultural values : diversity and compatibility Saudi Arabia Phone Number List Facts have proved that if a company’s diversity and inclusion work is done well, it can not only bring word of mouth and publicity effects to the company’s image and social status, but also play a practical role in promoting talent management and business development. However, it is not easy to do a good job in diversity and inclusion. It is not just a few slogans that can be effective, but a fundamental change in the thinking of the entire organization from top to bottom . Indra has built PepsiCo into a world-leading company in terms of diversity and inclusion. I believe some of her views can inspire us.

Must adopt a series of smart policy combinations to help employees

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The following is from my translation of the chapter on diversity and inclusion in this book. Translation: Diversity and inclusion should become a long-term strategy for companies, and leaders should get used to seeing diversity and inclusion as a major business driver EA Leads When talking about talent, some senior leaders say they hope that one day they won’t have to worry about diversity and inclusion because it will be addressed. I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon. As long as the company keeps growing, we will always face this problem and need to constantly solve it. However, I also strongly believe that our thinking about how to avoid certain biases will change. For example, I doubt that just appointing a head of diversity and inclusion will solve all the problems. Diversity and inclusion cannot be delegated to one individual, and this is a pass-thru. Diversity and inclusion should be a priority for the CEO and should be a key part of the HR work plan. Human resource work cannot escape the challenges of diversity and inclusion. To cover these problems up is like building a house on a weak foundation.

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