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Glad you opened the headlines and came in to read this article on desktop app design.

Friends who have read my previous two articles can see that those two articles actually share very basic design principles and cross-platform specifications in interaction design. That’s right, at the beginning of my writing plan, I will try to sort out and summarize some well-known design principles and platform specifications in the industry, and “return to the origin of design” with you.

A video was recommended by YouTube a few days ago: “1984: young Steve Jobs introduces the. Macintosh”, I took a closer look at the Demo that Jobs demonstrated at the time. And found that: a personal computer 34 years ago, in terms of hardware, compatibility, function, performance, interaction The details, visual performance and other aspects are very different from today’s personal computers, but whether it is the underlying system or desktop applications of the year, the basic elements of their GUI have not changed much compared to today .

Well, let’s look at the basic elements of desktop application design from the birth and evolution of GUI.

First, the development of GUI

In 1973, the first Alto computer to visualize operations was completed at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox PARC). Alto was the first graphical interface operating system that brought together all the elements of a computer. It uses a 3-button mouse, a bit-manipulation display, a graphics window, and an ethernet connection. –Wikipedia

Xerox Star,

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The successor of Alto, use the windowe design for the first time in 1981. Although Xerox Star did not achieve commercial success, the innovation of the R&D team in the computer interface and method at that time made outstanding contributions to the popularization in the future. For example: mouse, rectangular window, scroll bar, button, desktop, object-oriente programming, multitasking, etc.

In the design of human-computer interaction interface, we often hear a word, which is the visual Austria Phone Number interactive experience of “what you see is what you Austria Phone Number get”. It was first use in the design concept of Alto computer and was calle WYSIWYG (What You See). Is What You Get).

Alto’s system GUI can create, edit and view documents, and can also electronically. Store, call, and transfer documents between different workstations, and can also print documents through the network.

The first computer with a GUI operating system, the Xerox Alto and its successor, the. Xerox Star, use the window design for the first time.


Moreover December 1979, Jobs visite the Alto at Xerox PARC, where he was impresse and inspire.


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