From these early conversations Italy Phone Number

From these early conversations, the  content team identified a handful of clients to interview. This information helped them develop personas and learn more about their buying journey. As with most customization projects, this step was one of the most difficult. Scheduling difficulties meant they were only getting about half of their target of six to eight interviews per person, so they eventually branched out into their networks to gain insight.

In the end, marketing had identified six distinct personalities involved in decision-making for SecureWorks’ services. But that was too much for the launch of a new initiative.

They decided they could boil the initiative down into three conversation tracks. Then they built it for the two most valuable characters. After it went live, the team expanded the content of the third track.

Journey Mapping Without Assumptions

Of course, personas alone weren’t enough to guide their content creation efforts. They also created customer journey maps around  three general phases: Engage, Nurture, and Convert.

Kira recalls that one of the most powerful parts of personality development was understanding Italy Phone Number the types of questions typically in people’s heads at each buyer stage and mapping them out.

“What we found,” she says, “is that early on, at the beginning of the buyer’s journey, the questions were very different. The Decision Maker character had much more business-oriented concerns, and practitioners wanted to know how to make their lives easier. But in the end, when choosing a supplier, the questions converged.

Keep the map relevant

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Having invested a huge amount of time. Also, and resources into their characters and journey maps Italy Phone Number , Kira and her team aren’t confining them to a drawer. They reference them for everything they do, with their strategy now mapped out to match the journey and its stages too.

The process wasn’t short, but for Secure. Also, Works it was time and money well spent. The content team believes in the results they’re seeing, and Kira says she’s started suggesting refining the characters so they can deliver even more personalized content to a smaller segment of their audience.

And now that they’ve seen quantifiable success. Also, from their efforts, marketing has begun creating personas and journey maps for existing customers to improve reach and customer retention.

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