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Are you a growing HVAC contractor looking to sell more furnace repairs? Do you need a consistent way to generate new furnace repair opportunities so you can work on replacements? If so, this chapter is for you. I’ll show you how to sell more stove repair equipment with the help of our ultimate stove repair Google AdWords campaign.

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Well, I’m Steve Teneriello from Ad Machines. I’ve been here since 2002, and in this month alone, we’ve generated over 25,000 leads for our clients. I’ve seen at least $10 million in ad spend coming from my furnace repair campaigns, and in this chapter, I’ll take you behind the scenes to show you what they’re all about. Ad Machines is a Google Premier player, the best state that only 3% of agencies get today. I’m the creator of Ad Copy Formula and the author of The Google AdWords Survival Guide and The Pay-Per-Click Playbook .

2019 Immersive Advertising Performance Benchmarks [REPORT]

First, you should know that the foundation of any australian phone number successful Google AdWords pay-per-click campaign is what I call a three-legged stool: keywords, ads, and landing pages . Once the foundation has been laid, policy components can be added. There you can adjust the performance of your campaigns by customizing when your ads run, your bids, location and location, your budget, overall day-to-day optimization, and how your campaigns are managed.

australian phone number
australian phone number

I have about 300 keywords built into my furnace repair campaign. That was a campaign divided into 110 ad groups. The campaign structure of Google Adwords is at the first level, and the ad groups are below this level. These ad groups are exactly what I’m referring to in this chapter – essentially small campaigns within a campaign. At Ad Machines, we break down our furnace repair sales funnel into very small components. If your ad groups are very small, with up to three to five keywords, each ad group will perform best. It enables you to identify which keywords will generate the best revenue.

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I organize my campaigns by creating a campaign for each town you call. Why? I have three reasons. First, it allows me to report on the individual performance of a specific zip code to measure how much I spend and how much I earn from it. We even ask clients to send us quarterly reports of their earnings by zip code to calibrate the performance of any location-based campaigns. Second, it can make your business the most relevant local provider in any town you serve. Third, it allows me to add a specific phone line to each location in the campaign. When homeowners look up that phone number, it’s appropriate for their local city.

For example, here are several ad groups we have set up for our clients: Heating Repairs, Heating Repair Cities, Furnace Repairs, Furnace Repair Cities, Heating Services, Heating Services Cities… This is not a complete list, but you can understand. We have 300 trending keywords that we know make the phone EA Leads ring. At the same time, we have about 3,000 negative keywords that we can use to offset poor quality traffic. If people are looking for “do it yourself” tips, competitors, videos or specific capacitor or fan parts then they probably don’t want to call you for furnace service. We make sure you don’t waste ad dollars on poor quality traffic. A negative keyword list is more important than the keywords you’re actually bidding on because it’s the key to controlling lead quality and reducing customer acquisition costs – that’s why we pre-build that list in all our stovetop campaigns.


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