GE makes it look easy, but making their Greece Phone Number

GE makes it look easy, but making their content engage their audience takes a lot of introspection and honesty. “Our DNA is innovation, technology, research and manufacturing,” says Boff. “It’s something we’ve all fallen in love with at GE. It is our guiding light. We never try to pretend that we are something that we are not.

And for GE, that means developing  storylines and content that feeds that passion in a relatable and humorous way. There’s no better example of that than GE’s Valentine’s Day series, #HeyGirl, which pokes fun at a meme featuring actor Ryan Gosling. Instead of using images of Gosling, GE uses its founder, Thomas Edison, to inspire love: “Hey girl. Did we just share electrons? I feel a covalent bond between us. If you feel like laughing, you’re the type of person who would fit into the GE culture.

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Conversations are not only attractive, they are a fantastic recruiting tool to ensure that companies attract the type of people who  will fit into their organization. GE, after all, isn’t trying to attract just anyone to work in its organization – it’s trying to attract in-demand knowledge workers in science, engineering, and IT. Its content-provided enlightened wink has an outsized effect on the people most likely to thrive at GE. Boff explains, “We want our various audiences to fall in love with the company.”

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Rigured it out, GE has a distinctive brand voice – a voice that combines its deeply intelligent innovation work with a shared nod to what it means to have a passion Greece Phone Number for technology and science. He pokes fun at employees’ love of things like wind turbines, 3D printing, or fingerprinting things. The company’s content is especially relevant if you’re part of GE’s tech talent crowd.

Boff explains, “For a company as large as ours, presenting ourselves in a way that is inherently human, approachable and trustworthy is critically important. We often talk about presenting as a person versus how a company would. How do you do this? With humour. A wink. A twist.”

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