How to Get the Marketing Budget You Deserve in 2017

What you ultimately measure will outline where investments should be made. It’s critical to illustrate how well your current technology is at tracking buyers throughout their lifecycle to ensure you’re delivering something they’re happy with. When you focus on the contribution of marketing to revenue, you are better able to fuel more fires. Should you hire an outside agency, or more? Copy and expand, or try something else? You’ll want to have enough numbers to back up your proposal – the more metrics you have to develop your lifetime customers, the better your chances of getting a budget increase.

According to our recent benchmark of 2,000+ B2B and B2C ukrainian email providers marketers, optics remains a challenge. Only 18% of marketers say they are able to track leads across the funnel from opportunity to revenue.

Only after you have evaluated measurable data should you turn your attention to the technology stack. When you do, keep yourself ruthless. Often, devices such as decision trees can help you answer key questions about your software. This is when you ask yourself the following questions.

Keep people oriented

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While technology is an integral part of every marketing budget discussion, never get ahead of it when it comes to fighting for the budget you need. At the end of the day, more software won’t solve your problem. Having 40 or 50+ components in your tech stack just gets in the way of meaningful relationships with prospects and customers – the only thing that matters.

The parallel rise of account-based marketing has exacerbated the reliance on automated programs, which themselves provide little value. Any discussion of budget increases should begin (or possibly end) with education for your team. Marketing skills should not be defined by the tools used to execute the strategy.

If you’ve never taken a people-centered approach to budgeting, you might be surprised how far it can go. Anyone can put together a bunch of new automation software and claim it’s the fastest and best version yet. While money may come your way, you’re missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to better leverage the components you already have in place to meet the challenges of modern marketing .

Digital marketing is the new trend to attract customers

Instead of putting together a list of tools and activities, focus your efforts on the factors that drive the success of your greatest ROI program. Work to integrate these success factors into an equation that the business can see nurturing value. The key to success in customization is customization, and the biggest levers for EA Leads introducing these processes are clean, rich data, solid policies, and bulletproof processes. At the heart of these key elements is talent.

Working in advance to show success attributable to marketing and prove lifetime value to customers allows you to tell real stories at your next budget meeting. Fight for the budget you deserve, and if you’re on an upward trajectory, you won’t feel compelled to come up with drastic tech amendments.

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