Golumino’s Story.

Golumino – is a digital marketing team whose purpose is to make your talents visible every day. We know that as a business, you work very hard to create a great product or service for potential customers. It frustrates you when the people who need your services and products don’t know you have a great solution to their problem.

How to Make H2H (Human-to-Human) Marketing Work for You – Great Interview with Expert Bryan Kramer Get the best ROI (return on investment) with digital marketing What is Brazil’s market adaptation strategy? Clarence Ling of CLASS Digital Marketing shares with RiteKit how he sells property in Australia 2 ways Apple is killing your marketing strategy with the High Sierra update You’ve probably done your market analysis and identified your ideal customer (if you’re asking – “What’s that? – we’d love to help you), but what’s next? – How to reach them? – what do you say to them? – Is your brand or solution presented in a way that is relevant to it?

It’s one thing to reach your ideal customer, it’s another to connect with you.

The digital population and connectors are 4.77 billion people worldwide! Digital marketing has become the most effective, fastest and most effective way to reach out and connect with the growing digital marketplace. At Golumino, we use digital tools to help you connect your business with the people who need you. We german phone number online search for the keywords your potential customers and competitors use when looking for your type of business or service, and then help you communicate in the language you connect with them. You are smart, no doubt, but unseen brilliance is a tragedy.

Why choose Golumino? What does that mean?

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german phone number online

Once we identified how the startup was going to add value and EA Leads articulated our idea of ​​the specific business problem we were going to solve, we wanted a company name that was cool, easy to remember and clearly stated the value we were going to provide. We spent the whole day in the Commonwealth Palace hotel lounge (trust me, we’re not “joking”), and although we were nervous after 13 straight hours of brainstorming sessions, we came up with some naming business Ideas (some of which we laugh at ourselves when we look back now) One key word we all agree on is “visibility”.

So we came up with the following names: ViziCraft, Ziara Media, Cojian (according to the Japanese word, which is so cool), Go-gen-gen (this is the Nigerian version of the dun-dun-duuun action soundtrack). We couldn’t finish the day because we were all tired and couldn’t seem to find the “magic name”. In the end, we gave up and agreed to spend a week thinking and coming up with more ideas. Strangely (perhaps out of fear of another 13 hours of brainstorming session support from our favorite Java Cup), we all realized that “Golumino” had grown on us. So, what does Golumino mean? start – move, take action, start Glowing (Glowing) – Glowing, bright, shiny. Golumino isn’t just a name, it’s a way of life! it mean: to be different to change the world to show your brilliance conquer new territories Or just Golumino! So if you’re ready, we’ll pick you up.

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