The Only 3 Google Analytics Metrics You Need to Track

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What is a metric in Google Analytics?

Metrics are quantitative measurements that tell you how some aspect of your website performed. For example, the number of times a specific page was viewed or how many times a certain video was played.

It’s important to note that metrics are Costa Rica Phone number different from dimensions. Dimensions are what your metrics are measured against. This means instead of just measuring users, you could measure users (metric) by channel (dimension).

Three Google Analytics metrics you should be tracking

There are over 100 different metrics available in Google Analytics (GA), but only three metrics are useful for tracking growth over time.

1. Users

At the most basic level, you need to know if the marketing efforts are resulting in site growth.

Users will tell you exactly that. The users metric in GA tells us how many unique visitors a website received within a set period of time and provides a high-level view of whether marketing efforts are resulting in site growth.

To view all users by traffic source, open the Life cycle > Acquisition > Traffic acquisition report and set your desired date range.

The report will automatically display the session default channel grouping. Default channel grouping is the marketing channel defined by GA and utilized by new and returning users to arrive on your site or app.

For example, the screenshot below shows that we received 3,666 users from Organic Search in Q4 2021:

To find the traffic’s source, we can add a secondary dimension by clicking on the blue “plus” sign next to Session default channel grouping and selecting Session Acquisition > Session source.

To see the percent change, we can add a comparison period. In the top right, click on the date range drop-down arrow and select a custom date range for Q4 > Compare > Preceding period (match day of week) to compare performance.

2. User engagement

Now that we know where users are coming from, we need Costa Rica Phone number to understand what content they’re engaging with and what fails to earn their attention.

Average engagement time tells us the average length of time that the site had focus in the user’s browser. (Meaning the user was most likely looking at it.)

By viewing this metric for different pages on our site, we can learn what articles to write more of (those with the highest engagement time) and which articles require further analysis (low engagement time).    Best database provider | classy database

To view all users by traffic source, open the Life cycle > Engagement > Pages and screens report and set your desired date range.

Now we need to segment this data to just the traffic source we are analyzing.

Take Google organic. We can add a dimension by clicking on Add comparison in the top left, adding the “session/source medium” dimension, adding the “google/organic” dimension values, and removing “All Users” by hovering over text and clicking the “x.”

You can change how the data is displayed in the table using the drop-down arrow. If you prefer to see the page title, select “Page title. Or if you want to know the URL, choose Page path + query string and screen class.

Lastly, click on the Average engagement time column to sort the table from highest to lowest.

In the example below, Google organic search users are interested Costa Rica Phone number in fixing GA4 missing or invalid ID errors. Creating more content about fixing GA errors may be helpful.

3. Conversions

The most important metric is conversions. Conversions are user activities that contribute to the success of your business.

Conversion in GA4 is equivalent to what we know as a Goal in Universal Analytics (UA).

To view the Conversions report in GA4, open the Life cycle > Engagement > Conversions report. You will see collected events automatically marked as conversions and any event that you manually marked as a conversion.

The image above shows conversions in Q4 2021 compared to Q4 2020 (matching day of the week). You can drill down to a specific conversion by clicking on the blue text, such as clicking on purchase.

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