Google’s FLoC Threatens Identity Solutions and Advertisers

Last month, Virginia passed the Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA), which will take effect in 2023. Experts frequently make cursory comparisons of the CDPA to California’s similar law, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), as the latest example of a broad and comprehensive state data protection law.


In fairness, there are many similarities between the israel phone directory two laws. Both laws give consumers the right to receive, know, and delete their data, as well as the right to opt-out of the processing of their personal data. It also provides companies with a 30-day correction period in the event of a violation. Both laws also impose obligations on companies to take certain information security measures.


But there are also many differences.

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An exhaustive, item-by-item comparison of the similarities and differences between the two laws is staggering. But here are three of the most important things marketers and data protection practitioners should compare first:


Scope of law
Similarities : Both laws cover most for-profit businesses due to certain requirements, namely, their requirements in terms of turnover and/or data processing of consumers residing in both states of the respective businesses.


Differences : The scope of application is extremely large. California’s is probably more extensive than Virginia’s.


The California CCPA applies to commercial companies (subject to federal preemption restrictions) that meet one of the following three requirements:


1. Companies with total statutory adjusted annual revenues exceeding $25 million (regardless of revenue source), or

2. Any company that derives 50% or more of its annual revenue from selling the personal information of California consumers, regardless of its revenue, or

3. Purchases, acquires, sells, or shares personally identifiable information associated with 50,000 or more “general California resident” households or devices, alone or in combination, for commercial purposes in any one year enterprise

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