The Year Loganix Seo a Quick Recap 2020 What Happene Loganix

What happened at loganix it’s easy to call 2020 one of the worst years. While it’s far from ideal, loganix has at least done a lot. A new site design, many updates to existing products. New products created and launched, backlink inventory updates. And more! It’s amazing what Bulgaria Phone Number List you can do when your team is fully remote. And locked indoors with high-speed internet connections and a desire to do good seo stuff. We’ve seen companies cancel or suspend services many online businesses. Including us have taken a wait-and-see approach internally, we reviewed. Costs and operations dubbed to improve our own site and products more on that later. We’ve written more about the impacts of covid19 here if you want to learn. More about how it’s affected loganix enough unhappiness and sadness.

Let’s Look at Some of the Best Things That Will Happen 2020

Our goal is to make the whole process of browsing what we do much easier and more user-friendly. Talking about that… “As a digital strategist on a lean internal team, time and efficiency are always a priority. Thanks to Loganix, we were able to outsource key aspects of our SEO efforts without having to worry about compromising quality. We have found enormous value in competitive Bulgaria Phone Number List reporting. They helped us identify the opportunities that had the best chance of making an impact and were instrumental in our recent growth. Increase in our link inventory. In fact, we’ve tripled it, it’s now on over 2500 sites Inventory moved to dashboard for easier navigation on our links (+ changes added, tabs/sites/CBD and Pool products in the mix)Added better sorting, filters, and a generally.

A New Site Design Many Updates to Existing Products Created

Bulgaria Phone Number List

Nice looking lookFor all the data geeks out there, we’ve added domain hosting location, primary language, referring domains, geographical distribution of traffic, and more. Added blog partner system where you can earn money by placing content (and links) on your website, by registering on our site. We’ve built our credit reward system to be  less dependent on coupons, and instead reward Bulgaria Phone Number List purchases with credit at the end of the month for purchases. Support/tickets moved to customer dashboard. We’ve also created a nifty filter to help you choose which columns you want to see. Oh and we’ve created a bunch of resources to help with link building and SEO: link buying guide, backlink quality checklist, SEO competitor analysis sheet (more coming soon!) .

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