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Understand what your on-the-go visitors need and provide them with the right content in the best format. You still want to get those meatier, more detailed elements in front of desktop users and those lower in the funnel, but not at the expense of your mobile users. Identify your keywords most likely to be used on mobile devices, then find the most likely user intent. Find out in which micro-moment Google anticipates the user by analyzing the mobile SERP for that particular search.

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That works best for that type of user and ensure that it is fully mobile-friendly. Consider implementing AMP if appropriate. Google continues to stress the importance of speed on all devices. Recently, they Macedonia Phone Number also ended their instant desktop search, saying they would look for ways to improve search speed on all devices. Beta updates with a more powerful AMP feed fix tool have been released to some users’

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Google’s commitment to improving page speeds. Brands should pay attention to the potential benefits AMP could bring them and mark up appropriate pages. Review all content on the site to ensure it is mobile-friendly.Your website content should read easily or play smoothly on mobile devices. For example, an infographic whose text is too small to view on mobile can be designed to automatically scale to screen size.

Users should also be able to easily enlarge the image if they want to see more detail. Pay attention to navigation to ensure that getting around the site won’t be a struggle for people using mobile devices. Google offers a mobile-friendly testing tool that can be used to get started on the road to mobile compatibility. Overall, however, brands need to change their state of Understand, differentiate and track traffic, engagement and conversions across desktop and mobile.

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Improve your tracking capabilities and KPIs for a more complete picture. Including traffic from mobile devices and what is from the desktop. Have your SEOs measure traffic rates, landing page visits, engagement rates, conversions, and revenue rates separately for mobile devices. So you have a clearer picture of your ability to reach these mobile customers. As the market continues to shift towards mobile, understanding how your mobile

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