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Peer Wandiger is an experienced blogger and expert in affiliate marketing. Among other things, he created the Niche Page Challenge. In an interview, he reveals tips for getting started with affiliate marketing and what content you need for your affiliate website. Affiliate Marketing What are the biggest trends in affiliate marketing right now? Of course, the mobile web is still very up to date. This has now also reached many affiliates or their websites and some adjustments to the procedure have to be made here. In addition, Facebook and Co. continue to pose a major challenge for many affiliates – either as a source of traffic or to earn money there directly with affiliate marketing.

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with the same topics as in previous years, such as customer journey remuneration. What is the best way to start affiliate marketing? It is best to start small and clear.  In this way, beginners should implement a small project with manageable effort and learn Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List a lot in the process. In my experience, the choice of topic or niche is the most important first step.

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What should you consider when choosing your affiliate program? It should suit the visitors of your own website. As a rule, it should therefore fit the website thematically. If a website is about tires, an affiliate program about swimwear isn’t going to do much good. Therefore, choosing a thematically appropriate affiliate program is most important. In individual cases, however, it can be the case that a partner program that serves another interest of the visitor is also successful. An example would be a tire affiliate program on a soccer website.

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