Instagram Launches Business Pages Highlight Local Businesses

The news has fallen, the SEJ has just announced the release of a new feature that will delight local businesses. Often in the shadow of their biggest competitors. Local businesses are attracting more and more internet users. But are struggling to gain visibility on social networks such as facebook or instagram. This is certainly what prompted instagram to develop. A new feature to give Ukraine Phone number visibility to local businesses. New for businesses on instagram? It is thanks to an american user of the platform. Raj nijjier, we were able to discover this new feature. Indeed, it was while going about his business on Instagram that the latter saw new changes. Thus, Raj Nijjer could see that new business pages had appeared. These business pages then highlight local businesses according to your location.

New for Businesses on Instagram It Is Thanks to an American

We can then find on this page companies such as hotels, restaurants, or even local creators. Business pages: deja vu? You have probably made the connection with Google My Business profiles. Also, we can think that Instagram was strongly inspired by our dear Google. Indeed, on the business pages offered by Instagram. We find information relating to the company such as the address. Hours Ukraine Phone number telephone number, a link to go to the company’s website, just like on google. Business page of a restaurant on Instagram restaurant page on google. An asset for local businesses? Local businesses had already had a boost from Instagram thanks to the partnership. Between the social network and the company thefork.

Business Pages Deja Vu You Have Probably Made

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As a reminder, this partnership allowed users to visit a restaurant’s Instagram. Page and click on a button on the profile of the latter in order to reserve a table. Today is a new feature that supports local businesses. Thanks to these new business pages, companies will gain visibility. We can already tell you that these companies. If Instagram has not yet officially commented on this feature. We know a Ukraine Phone number little more thanks to the screenshots taken by raj nijjer. We see in particular that. It will be possible to claim the page (by clicking on “Claim” for the English version) in order to associate. It with its Facebook page in order to edit the various information automatically accessible only on American soil.

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