Holidays are coming. Lebanon Phone Number

Holidays are coming.” If you have specific food blog posts for seasonal occasions like Christmas, you should start planning early. If your website needs to start ranking for all your Christmas recipes in the few weeks before Christmas, you’re too late. Now we know this might be hard, especially when you’re in your first year of blogging. But if you’ve been blogging for a couple of years, it will pay off to promote these recipes from time to time during the year. You’d be surprised how many people start planning Christmas early. Plus, there are numerous holidays from around the world that might also warrant recipe posts.

Next to that, see if you can find seasonal dishes without linking them directly to holidays as well. Categories like ‘for a winter’s evening’ or ‘a rainy day’ might also be suitable for your audience. For instance, you don’t need to wait until Christmas to eat mashed potato, roasted turkey or baked ham. You can enjoy them on a cold February day or on a weekend in May as well. Of course, those keywords will give you less traffic out-of-season. However, you can still drive traffic and build an audience with such seasonal/holiday foods, simply because people still search and want to eat those foods! So, don’t miss out on this SEO opportunity for your food blog.

Another tip we have is to use to do research on what people search during different times of the year.  Going back to the example of Christmas foods, we can see the number of searches for those foods go up in October/November. And you can clearly see that during the summer months, those keywords will give you less traffic. People like during these times.


Bottom line: let Google know you have these posts in time. And feel free to repost a Christmas post/recipe around Christmas, by the  way. Just make sure you check the content of the post, update it if necessary and keep the same link. If you do update a post, simply change the publish date and you’re good to go. It might give that ‘old’ post new visitors.

Your food blog and social media

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How many posts about food do you see on social media every day? Probably at least one out of ten posts on your Facebook timeline is about food or beverages. About cooking or restaurants. On Instagram, people use tags such as  #yummy, #foodporn, #foodpic and multiple variations of #(om)nomnom a lot. Searching Pinterest for ‘‘ will keep you scrolling recipes for hours.

If you have a food blog, you need to leverage social media. Find out what social media platforms Lebanon Phone Number your preferred audience is using and start engaging. Pinterest and Instagram seem to work really, really well. But why not leverage sites Lebanon Phone Number like as well? We’ve written about before, and sites like that might help you get your name out.

Let’s not forget Youtube. Almost 2,180,000 subscribers for and a whopping 3,080,000+ subscribers for! This can only motivate you to start recording videos. Set up your channel, promote it via your website and other social media and see if it works for you. Please note that numbers like that require hard work and a lot of effort. Give it your best shot.

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