How Can Negative Word of Mouth Turn Things Upside Down?

It seems that all marketing tactics of the black pot campaign aimed at increasing sales have failed. After this incident, only 10 branches are still using the black pot. As a result of this incident, some consumers believe that the real problem with using a black pot is the material (cast iron). Difficult to clean and easy to rust. Also, there are still some complaints about the new black pot that it is easier to stick meat with the pot compared to the original, and it is difficult to spoon soup from the black pot.

But do you think only negative word of mouth can turn things upside down?

Judging by the outcome of this incident, most people believe that BBQ Plaza is responsible for the incident. They are happy with the solution. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll give another car bodies parts email list chance to use the black pot. No one wants to risk soup and barbecue with black stains on the pot. So it seems that most customers have lost faith in black pot, especially those who have never tried black pot before. Although BBQ Plaza didn’t lose their fans, they didn’t gain more fans from the “Black Pot” campaign. As it turns out, the black pot isn’t as magical as they’re trying to claim.

Can local brands do real-time marketing?

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In terms of marketing, this case study is a good solution to the problem and to deal with negative WOM. First, because BBQ Plaza listens to customer reviews and takes immediate action. Second, they accepted their fault and immediately closed 25 branches using the black pot, solving the 2 day problem. So case studies dealing with negative WOM only EA Leads undermine the black pot, not brand trust and image. Although customers don’t want to use black pans, they still have the option because they can still use the original pans from other branches, and only 10 of BBQ Plaza’s 118 branches use black pans.

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