How do you best implement suspense in the

Now, I can’t in good conscience  move forward without some qualifications. A story can make the same argument by specifying what the character needs, then allowing them to not get what they need and not solve the problem, and not get what they want. This narration is a kind of tragedy.

Likewise, there are powerful stories where characters learn that what they wanted kept them from getting what they needed, and it turns out that wanting wasn’t so important after all. These alternative story structures can have a strong emotional impact, but in the context of marketing, they can be more difficult to achieve.

Now, I won’t expand much on how the characters overcome barriers or show how they solve their problem once they get what they need. Marketers understand these things well. Instead, I focus on two things.

First, there is the finality of the problem – a ticking clock, a

A point of no return, an unavoidable  sense of urgency. I’m not talking about forcing a limited time offer on the customer. I’m talking about when the problem got out of hand. I’m talking about establishing the fear of real and complete failure.

Second, it is crucial to explore how things have changed now that the problem is resolved. The writer has to compare where things ended and where things started. The resolution should clarify what was missing and propose closure. If the writer doesn’t have a strong contrast between the beginning and the end, there is no story.

The suspense makes the reader wonder what will happen next

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It seems almost tautological to say that what drives someone to read is to wonder what they are going to read next. And yet, did you know the secret sauce before I said it?

If the value of suspense was obvious, more people used it.

Of course, understanding that suspense is what you need doesn’t necessarily help you know how to build it.

Predictability is the enemy of suspense. But unpredictability alone is not enough. For suspense to work, you need both uncertainty and anticipation.

The first way to create Dominican Republic Phone Number suspense is to do it directly. You openly state that something is happening, but you are vague about what it is. I did it in this blog post.

How do you best Dominican Republic Phone Number implement suspense in the context of content marketing?

Well, for one thing, suspense shouldn’t be the only thing you use to keep reading. Imagine if the three-act structure section above was just filler. My promise of a secret sauce wouldn’t have made you read, would it?

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