How Hard is Your Travel Website Working for the Company?

How are you? Does your website support business growth? Does your website inspire users? Are users exiting the sales funnel? If you don’t know the above answers, I suspect you might be able to do better. After all, knowledge is power. Most travel brands I’ve worked with have data, a lot, maybe too much. Data is great, but insight is even better. At 3Sixty, we want to combine quantitative and qualitative data to gather real insights before making decisions. How much does an AR Marketing Campaign cost? – Daria Fedko, CEO of Wear Studio – Medium What is a hollow app install? My digital marketing experience. BY ALAIBE WOYINTONBARA .A. The Importance of Digital Marketing in Education – Risk Concern No Google Analytics This is the basis for implementing a travel website. This list is not exhaustive, but it should serve as a high-level blueprint while providing a little inspiration for the 3Sixty process.

Start with a goal

As a director or member of a leadership team, there may be very clear goals. The strategic growth of the business, the role digital has played in driving that growth (but always amazes me, especially in global organisations), there is very little awareness of these goals across the wider business. Therefore, the first step is to define precise goals. What revenue growth do we want to see? What do we need to do to achieve this goal: increase traffic, increase average order value, increase website conversion rate? KPIs need to be clearly defined, shared, understood and accepted by the entire team. Put users at the heart of your strategy Customers determine your success and without them you are nothing. Business goals provide the egypt virtual number vision, but users can help us achieve our goals. So who do we start with. Who are your users? What are their behaviors – needs, desires and preferences? We like to build key personas and then look at user journeys to see how well those key user groups are supported. If you already have basic user knowledge, can you leverage digital technology to further enhance their experience? If you know your audience is looking for a deal, do so in a clearly labeled deals section (if they have a lot of cash but limited time), with messages around convenience and customer service. This is basic stuff, but often overlooked. Personalization is something people increasingly expect, in fact, 61% of users now want brands to tailor the experience to their liking, Google, 2018. Convenience and accuracy are paramount. The ability to personalize and strategically promote products that meet business goals creates a good interface between business and user needs.

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Show what makes you unique

Across all of your brand’s touchpoints, users must be confident that they are the right brand for them. Is your claim clear? Are you showing your brand pillars? Are users aware of what sets you apart? Trustmarks can be used to provide credibility, such as rewards and certifications, as well as user-generated reviews and EA Leads ratings (UGC). UGC can be scary, but if your comments keep getting criticized, let’s face it! travel function From a travel perspective, search volumes are declining for many brands from a travel perspective. For someone with 100s or 1000s of vacation options/itineraries/packages, searching and filtering can be a pain point for users. You need to be able to effectively inform and inspire your audience. For those who know exactly what they are looking for, they need to be able to find it quickly. For those in need, you need inspiration. Once your prospects have found an option that works for them, have them shortlisted, compared and reviewed. Helpful, there are many things to consider for holidaymakers.

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