How Iconic Logos Help Shape the Visual

Some of the most iconic bands throughout the ages have something in common—an instantly recognizable and unforgettable logo that has become synonymous with their music and image. In this article, we’ll cover the history of music logos and why a strong mark is important for musicians.

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A brief history of music logos

Band logos didn’t always have the clout and importance they do these days. Most musicians had to rely solely on their band name or identity and personality to stand out and be remembered by fans.

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Even to this day these bands

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and their logos are as iconic as they were in the 70s. Rolling Stones logo via Rolling Stones & Universal Group Ramones logo via Ramones AC/DC logo via AC/DC Led Zeppelin logo via Led Zeppelin What really took band logos to the next level were metal bands. Metal wasn’t just music, it was an aesthetic and statement, a rejection of the mainstream. We saw sharp, angled fonts, bold and thick strokes, and dark and underworld imagery. KISS band logo via KISS Metallica logo via Metallica via Motorhead via Black Sabbath The momentum continued through the decades.

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