How to Come Up With Premium Content Ideas Competitor Keyword

Top-of-funnel content is often the first brushstroke a visitor receives with your site. This means that the quality of that content can determine whether a visitor stays on your site long enough to become a customer. With your premium content, you’ll want to target people in the “awareness” phase. It means that they start to realize that they have a problem and they try to understand it Spain Phone Number List better so that they can find the solution. During the awareness phase, people typically turn to Google for help, which means you need to target the right keywords with your premium content. Doing this successfully can increase your brand awareness and attract new visitors to your website. Your secondary objective will be to turn these visitors into customers.

Your Content Should Help You This but You Can Also Nurture

Your leads using email marketing and customer relationship management software. You should then run these sites through a keyword research tool like. Semrush or ahrefs to see what types of keywords they are currently ranking for. This will then give you an idea of ​​the types of content opportunities. You are currently missing out on and the types of blog posts or guides you should. Write to become more competitive once you have a list of keywords. Likely to be searched by customers at the awareness stage Spain Phone Number List consider what types. Of content you can incorporate them into and what topics you. Should cover to provide the most useful information to your target audience. Another way to come up with top-notch content ideas is to survey your customer service team.

During the Awareness Phase People Typically Turn to Google

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Ask them what questions they often get from potential customers. And what types of content you could create to answer them. Your customer-facing staff have the most interaction. With the people you’re trying to connect with, so their insight. Will be invaluable. Try to survey your customer service staff at least every. Three months, as this will help you know if your customers’ needs are. Changing Spain Phone Number List over time. It can also be a good idea to set up a dedicated custom. Landing page where your team members can log the most common questions. They receive quickly and easily thinking about how you can answer. Frequently asked questions that are relevant to the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey. Will provide you with plenty of content ideas you can use to engage your target audience.


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