How to Create SEO Friendly Articles

A writer must at least understand how to write SEO articles. If you create SEO-friendly articles, it will make it easier for Google to place your articles on the top page. This will certainly make a lot of people read the articles that you make. However, many people think that making SEO articles EA Leads is very difficult so they just write without paying attention to what to pay attention to in making SEO articles. For those of you who are writers or bloggers who want their articles to appear on the top page on Google, then you must pay attention to the following.

 Pay attention to Keyword Placement.

Well,,, this is what often ignore those who want to make SEO articles. The placement of these keywords is very important. First, don’t forget to put keywords in the title of the article. Usually this is often forgotten. By placing keywords in the title, it will make it easier for Google to find keywords cell phone number database free and place them on the main page.The second, place the keyword at the beginning of the word or the second word. Do not use too many keywords in the article. You only need to use a maximum of 3 keywords in one article.

Playing Keyword Variations.

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Meta description is a short description of an article. Try that you also put keywords in the meta description. This will really help your article to be at the top of the search. Articles that are on the top page of Google will certainly make it easier for your article to be clicked or read by many people. Playing with keywords here can also help you not get stuck when writing so that it is easier for you to explain what you want to write. Examples of keyword variations.


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