How to Increase Website Visitors With Google AMP

How to increase web visitors with Google AMP you can now easily and significantly implement. From here you will find that the website you have actually has significant potential to be flooded. With a lot of traffic easily and significantly. Therefore, it is time for you to do the. Right EA Leads way in order to increase the number of visitors on your site. This of course you will be able to handle easily if you know and. Understand how to do it easily and precisely. A number of surveys show that 70% more smartphone users. Will leave the website faster when loading is high. Or when they have to open the web in the browser.

Why Is It Important To Increase Web Visitors With Google AMP?

How to increase web visitors with Google AMP is indeed very important and crucial for websites that are already widely known. For example, you have an e-commerce website with a potential income of IDR 10 million per day. If the access suddenly crashes for just one second, then this will how to get korean phone number potentially make your site lose its potential profit of IDR 250 million. Of course this will happen to you. So you really have to know how to take advantage of all that properly and appropriately. With significant methods, it is certain that you will achieve the perfect result that you need in it.

Solution With Google AMP

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How to increase web visitors with Google AMP starts with understanding what the Google AMP tool is. Basically, the advantage that you can get in it is being able to speed up the loading of your website. AMP itself stands for accelerated mobile page. What this means is how to make your site appear more easily and quickly via the website. This means that visitors no longer need to wait long because in just an instant the information they get can be accessed easily. At this time, Google has started to implement a mobile friendly website as one of the requirements so that your site can be indexed properly and also be able to provide the information needed in it. This will definitely be very important.

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