How to Improve Your Hotel Website for a Better Booking Experience

Images can make a big difference between increasing customer interest or driving them away from your website. The role of images in a website is not limited to website decoration. It also acts as a medium to show how your hotel and services will look. However, most hotels tend to miss the opportunity to properly display their properties on their website. Using low-quality photos or even stock photos will disinterest customers and give the hotel the wrong impression. This is not a good step to enhance the guest booking experience. Therefore, good visual communication is essential for your hotel services and can impress guests so that they know all they can get during their stay.

A professional photographer can be hired to obtain high-quality photos of your hotel. However, you should not only disclose your hotel and its rooms. Try to highlight the location, environment and points of interest around the hotel. These will help you establish the character of your hotel. If your budget can’t afford a professional photo shoot, you can do it yourself. It is important that you keep in mind that your photos need to provide guests with a preview of the hotel and connect it to the hotel’s personality. So instead of just showing photos of pillows, it’s better to show your hotel’s unique decor or features.

One of the important factors in determining guest booking interest is social proof.

The review is not just about the customer’s approval of the quality of your service. It is also a powerful sales tool for influencing customers. People tend to follow what they believe or are approved by others. Therefore, showing the guest experience encourages others to book your hotel. By providing a guest experience, customers will have a clear understanding of what they are expecting when they stay at the hotel. It’s certainly the perfect step to having a guest booking experience.

Today, it is not difficult to collect guest reviews on the denmark number for whatsapp Internet. You can easily collect guests on review sites like TripAdvisor or from a hotel’s OTA ratings. You can display these reviews on your website to entice customers to book your hotel. The easiest way to do this is to embed the gadget from a review site to your website. For example, if your hotel is already reviewed on TripAdvisor, you can follow these steps to add the widget to your website. Additionally, you can select some great reviews from your guests and display them in a dedicated section of the website.

Make your website responsive

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One of the key factors driving travelers to abandon the booking process from a mobile device is due to an unresponsive website displayed on a mobile device. Responsiveness means that your hotel website should be able to adjust and adapt to a variety of devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

It’s useless if your laptop has a great look and nice design, but since your website isn’t mobile-friendly, the mobile display is cluttered.
Also, your website should load easily. This is the ultimate key to improving your guests’ booking experience, as they don’t have to wait too long to see your page. A responsive website EA Leads not only prevents bookings from being abandoned, but it also provides a better booking experience for visitors when they visit your website.

Some elements should be responsive on your website. These include text readability, view adaptability, content flow, and loading speed. First, you can use Google WebMaster to develop a mobile-friendly website for your hotel. You can read Google’s essential guidelines to help you design a better website for mobile devices. It’s even better if your website can automatically adjust and fit every device.

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