How to Ruin a Relationship in 5 Seconds or Less by Giving a Thoughtful, Inappropriate Gift, Even if You Mean It Works

Not only the right freebies will increase your email open rates and increase your overall profits. That’s the lasting perception that freebies can define you and your business. That’s huge. huge! If your prospects and customers remember you at all, they are most likely to recall first and most recent interactions. While you can always aim to improve your work and make recent interactions better and more valuable, you can’t go back and change where you originally met with your business. If the first impression is that you are a cheap, priceless poop person to get from your local gas station… This is a wound, and the relationship between businesses and consumers may never fully recover. That’s why the term “freemium” was born in our company. “Freebies” call for cheap and fragile images. “Freemium” reminds us that we should never give up something that has no real value.

Webinars (you know exactly what’s coming!)

The good news in all of this is that most businesses are still giving up on the literal (read: poop emoji keychain, I kid you not, pictured below), so it’s not a particularly high bar. But you have to clear it. Freemium 1 — Valuable Information The first freemium you give a prospect is the most critical. You can’t go wrong by providing useful, valuable information (not readily available elsewhere). At least not for free. A PDF report is sufficient as long as the content is reliable and the production value is clear. Length doesn’t matter (though it certainly doesn’t hurt), as long as the quality is good and the information will flood the reader with a lot of “WOW” and rich human-eye data. If you don’t have that level of knowledge and expertise to share, then you need to get someone on board. You can further increase perceived value by presenting information in video form. However, if you choose this format, you should distribute a series of videos as a tutorial rather than a single recording.

Unless you have video production experience, I wouldn’t try to make video material myself. It’s all too easy to pack things up with crappy stuff, or something that looks like your elementary-aged kid photographed you. It doesn’t matter if the intent is good or bad, doing it wrong will make you and your business appear incompetent. However, as long as you can write a decent script, you can hire a voiceover artist to record the audio and a video france number phone designer to create the visuals. And, as with PDF, quality is more important than quantity. Don’t be afraid to give up your expertise in your Freemium.

Freemium other formats

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The gift-to-gift ratio is 3:1, which means you’ll need multiple EA Leads freemiums. It would be great if you could easily make more first gifts. But you can extend the original creation further by reproducing the content in a different format. A PDF report is a great starting point as it maximizes your reach, but a large segment of your audience will welcome the opportunity to use your material in audio form.

It’s easy to make (you can do it yourself if you have a decent reading voice, or hire a dubbing artist yourself) and has a high perceived value. It also increases the likelihood that potential customers will actually read your profile. Never think of your Freemium as a token gift to get an email address. The value you put in Freemium helps you increase intimacy, which only happens when people have absorbed at least some of your extraordinary content. Another way to repurpose initial material is to create one or more mind maps based on that information. Breaking down key teaching points into a mind map is an art, and once you’ve cracked it, it’s incredible how much value you can successfully cram into a single document.

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