How To Start Selling Abroad

There is no standard formula to start selling abroad, a bit like there is no single way to sell online, but there are basic steps to start your international business:

  1. Choose where to sell
  2. Configure international domains
  3. Translate into their language
  4. Study the most suitable marketing strategies 
  5. Find efficient and advantageous shipping methods
  6. Comply with tax regulations

1. Choose where to sell

It is not enough to decide to sell “all over the world”. In addition to setting up your store for international sale, you will need to pay close attention to the marketing and promotional efforts required by individual countries. The customer experience must be natural in every market, otherwise you risk wasting time and money unnecessarily, and eating your hands for wanting everything immediately.

 Configure International Domains

Selling abroad also means offering each country a website that has a specific . In addition to helping you gain customer trust, it will increase the likelihood that customers will pay in their local currency, without unnecessary manual operations that risk increasing the cart abandonment rate.

3. Translate into their language

Don’t think that having an Bahrain Phone Numbers English site is enough to sell internationally. If you have decided to sell in Germany you will want to offer your customers a site in German, and the same goes for all other countries. Your overseas customers will need to get the impression that you are speaking to them and their culture, and not that you have simply translated your message into their language.

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Study The Most Suitable Marketing Strategies

Each market has its expectations, especially when it comes to marketing. Your communication, your advertisements and the campaigns you will promote must respect these needs.

5. Find efficient and cost-effective shipping methods

Internation=must not only be fast and efficient, it must also have a price that customers can bear. Otherwise they will quickly turn to a local competitor.

6. Comply with tax laws

Each country will have its own regulations and obligations to respect. First of all, if you sell within the European Union, registration with the EU OSS regime, to pay VAT in the European market. Before officially launching your business, consult a professional to make sure you are in good standing. 


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