How to Think Like a Copywriter: 5 Copy Tips to Boost Sales

Think about it: The same price, the same features, the same benefits, and the same product can generate average sales, or… A simple copy change can increase sales by a factor of 19.5. so big It came straight from the mouth of the great writer and advertising man John Caples. He tested each title and promised to write to see what worked and what didn’t. All is well, but I’m sure you’re asking… “How do I actually sit down and write better copy?” It’s easier than you might think.

But first, you need to lay the groundwork and get into the right frame of mind. Change your mindset and follow these five simple guidelines the next time you sit down to write a copy: you are not important find pain Map Buyer’s Journey build your bridge Create an explicit action 1. It’s okay Plain and simple, your business writing is not about you. This is by far the most important axiom of all contributors. reason? Because you’re selling to other people, what they need and want is much more important than you. How many times have you read such a copy? “ABC Company’s mission is to provide the highest level of customer service by providing innovative products and services unmatched in the market. Our world-class employees are the best because we treat them well, so they provide our customers with the best Good service. We have been in business for eight years serving clients in various industries such as…”

Find the pain

Use this thought experiment to find your ideal customer’s pain points: When you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and pretend that you are the ideal customer. Ask yourself a few questions when putting on your shoes: What are you thinking about in the morning? afternoon? When you end your workday? How do you prepare for work? Answering these questions will help you understand the pain your prospects and customers are facing. Knowing their pain isn’t limited to your product or service, as you’ll often find that the last thing people expect is their biggest motivation to buy from you.

For example, a test prep and tutoring company is selling its services on the merits of its tutors. The problem is that everyone in the tutoring industry advertises that their tutors have the best certifications, the highest test scores, the highest graduate degrees, etc. They need to do other things to stand out. The pain isn’t just about low grades and test scores. Confidence is low. The copy I wrote follows this line of thought. I emphasize that tutors will canada address list contribute to higher test scores, but also to students’ self-confidence. With greater confidence, students can take any exam. Here’s another example from Adroll: They show the pain of their ideal client – a moderate conversion rate – and highlight this by suggesting that retargeting might make a difference. Excellent copy indeed.

Build your bridges

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Now that you’ve researched your ideal customer’s pain points EA Leads and buying journey, it’s time to market to your potential customers along the way. The idea is simple: Build a bridge between your prospects and where they want to be. You need to do this in several ways. The first and most important way is through your website, email and the content you provide.

For example, check out the ONTRAPORT demo product copy: This landing page caters to potential customers at a relatively early stage. It defines ONTRAPORT’s fundamental value proposition: “Save time and money by automating small businesses.” The demo will also be positioned as a strategy session rather than a typical “let’s show you how great our software is”. Why? Because ONTRAPORT shows you that they are focused on their customers. Starting with a demo page on their website, they bridge potential customers through demo and discovery calls, content resources, and a series of emails to gauge purchase intent and timing. Here’s a little secret to building a funnel to satisfy a prospect’s buying process: it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, keep the startup process simple and let the program grow naturally.

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