How Will the Mobile Ecosystem Change With the

The use of data tied to user IDs is coming to an end. First on iOS, and gradually on Android and other platforms. But this is not the end of performance tracking and campaign optimization. There are more effective ways to optimize user acquisition than using user IDs. It’s good in many ways, including less privacy impact and potentially significant improvements. And unlike user IDs, they never go away.



Identity program management without third-party cookies

The phrase “coming to an end” accurately describes what is realtors email addresses actually happening. And we should accept this. User IDs are becoming obsolete for several reasons. Chief among them is that people around the world care more about their privacy than ever before, and that mindfulness leads to distrust of tech companies. These sentiments lead to populist data regulation and commercial stances designed to attract privacy-first customers. The result is a doomsday mix of politics, marketing, and outrage.

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The recent turmoil surrounding Apple’s ATT framework is neither unexpected nor unwarranted. IDFA identifiers are the so-called “Where’s the Cheese?” cornerstone of user acquisition on iOS. Without tracking permissions, marketers cannot accurately track the journey from ad view to churn. In other words, there is no longer a deterministic link between ads and the revenue generated from those who view them.


So where do we go from here?

As marketers, we are taught to accept, rely on, store, and endlessly tinker with data. The insights you gather will give you a competitive edge in the crowded digital marketing ecosystem. Every time a valid data point is robbed of a valid data point due to regulatory or technological change, the industry goes through a lot like the 5 stages of grief.

Four of those stages are now reflected across the Internet. Some marketers have denied the change, claiming it doesn’t make sense. There are also people yelling at Apple. And some are playing games to find loopholes in Apple’s guidelines (fingerprint authentication is not).


Declining ad inventory in iOS 14.4 and more restrictions on user-level data across the industry will accelerate this “grieving process.”


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