Html5 Game for Airasia Big Points Promotion

AirAsia is an airline known for its photo contests, and the winners will be rewarded handsomely. Recently, the aviation giant launched another competition where passengers can earn extra travel miles by playing HTML5 games. We have extensive experience with AirAsia in developing platforms for their in-flight entertainment (IFE) competition. The game features company CEO Tony Fernandes and his longtime friend and business rival Sir Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Atlantic). Three Ways to Reduce IT Lead Costs Stay connected: When to work with a local agency 200 blogs in 20 months – what have we learned? “Advertising is not the way” – other bachelor degrees at Cannes Morelos Digitalis, Como tribular memos, gather Pinheiro e seer felid.

Play and earn BIG Points

As part of the AirAsia Air Entertainment customer culture, we offer the IFE Gaming Catalog to a fleet of over 200 aircraft. We also developed HTML5 games to promote AirAsia’s BIG loyalty program. This reward system is their way of giving back to their loyal customers. Generally, passengers can earn BIG Points by mpiua phone number travel and fare type. However, they can also earn these sought-after points by playing AirAsia’s in-flight games, including Big Points games . Gameplay In this endless runner game, players take on the role of Fernandez piloting an Airbus A320. The object of the game is to fly the plane safely while collecting as many BIG points as possible in the given time. In addition to BIG points, players can also pick up power-up items to increase movement speed and increase play time. Players must avoid those pesky clouds to prevent the plane from suddenly slowing down. The highlight of the game happens when Sir Richard Branson arrives in a hot air balloon. Players must “convince” Branson to fly off the screen. Here is a short video of the IFE game.

Why choose HTML5

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HTML5 is a very powerful and versatile technology that enables the development of impressive IFE games at a lower cost and a faster development stage. Ideal for in-vehicle environments, especially EA Leads for the following reasons: 1.) Highly portable HTML5 games work well when they are limited and constrained on the fly. These games for IFE can be ported almost seamlessly across the aircraft’s entertainment operating system (Windows, Mac, Android, etc.). Best of all, they can run with minimal requirements. 2.) Cross Compatibility HTML5 is supported on all major consoles, handhelds, desktops and mobile devices. Airlines and their passengers no longer need to install any plugins or extensions. Users can play IFE games right away. Final note We are fortunate to be working with AirAsia to promote its BIG Points system. Our time with airlines has proven to us that HTML5 technology is a great fit for the IFE system of an aircraft. Passengers can easily enjoy HTML5 games on the plane. Our team can develop gaming solutions for any industry and event. We also specialize in cosmetic tweaks to games and other development services. Feel free to visit our contact page to learn more about IFE Games.

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