If that’s the case, it’s a good idea Paraguay Phone Number

It’s critical to remember that this is not a set it and forget it type of thing. Things change; your business changes. Keep everything active, and stay on top of things. It’s frustrating if your listing doesn’t perform as well as you’d like, but remember that it might need some time. Just keep putting in the hours, and it will work.

Managing your listing during a pandemic

Many businesses had to — temporarily — close their doors during the recent pandemic. Depending on where you live, this still might be the case. If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to let customers know how this affects your business by managing your Google My Business correctly. Always keep your profile updated. Let people know about changes in opening hours or if you’re a bit slower in shipping out products. Use Google Posts to notify customers of updates. You can also mark your business as temporarily closed. If you manage these via Google My Business, you will update your business profile in Google and on Google Maps. Check for more information.

A tool to manage your reviews

Some time ago, Google added a new feature to the Google My Business dashboard. A feature that allows you to report reviews for removal and check the status of reviews you’ve already reported.  However, this tool only seems to works for accounts with a smaller number of listings. So if you’re a business owner with lots of listings in your Google Business Profile account, this tool might not be available for you. If you have just a few listings and your Google Business profile is set up, check out.

Structured data and Yoast Local SEO

Google increasingly depends on to determine what your site is about and which elements represent what. This is most certainly true for your business information Paraguay Phone Number, including the information that Google Business Profile uses. Make sure you add the correct structured data to your site.  opening hours,  et cetera, with Schema.org data. This will make it much easier for Google to determine the validity of your listing. Several tools can help you with this, including

Local SEO is critical, even with Google Business Profile

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So, you should activate and maintain your Google My Business account and make it awesome Paraguay Phone Number. But to get the most out of your listings and to get good rankings, you must have your site in order as well. Optimize every part of it. Create local content for your chosen keyword and business location and get quality local backlinks to build up a solid link profile. Ask customers to review your business onsite or on My Business. Make sure your listing is active and attractive, like we said, inaccurate profiles are no good.

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