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After the arrival of the Facebook Creative Compass, Facebook has something new in store for administrators of Facebook pages. Indeed, the network wishes to renew itself so as not to tire its users. To do this, the most used social network in the world surpasses itself and Nepal Phone number provides added value to its users: the Super Fan Badge. The Super Fan Badge: what is it? Although announced at the end of 2018 by the creator of the social network, Mark Zuckerberg, this novelty was only implemented very recently. This badge is awarded to the most active users on your page. By “most active”, we mean users who will interact with you on a regular basis through the viewing of videos, the likes of your photos, your publications, etc.

The Super Fan Badge What Is It Although Announced of These Badges

You can easily identify these Internet users who will have a badge next to their username. When one of your followers likes one of your publications, you will see it thanks to this ” Super Fan Badge “. To be eligible for the Super Fan Badge, your page must: Have a total of more than 10,000 subscribers Have at least 28 days of seniority Do not use a civic engagement badge Have a page Nepal Phone number that switches to a video template Note that the list of Super Fan Badges is visible only to the page administrator, not to subscribers. How do I manage Super Fan Badges? This new feature is an asset for your Facebook pages, but we first wanted to enlighten you on the management of these badges.

How Do Manage Super Fan Badges This New Feature Instructions

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To activate (or, on the contrary, deactivate) the super fan badges. We invite you to follow this process: go to your page. Then click on the “settings” section click on facebook badges (located in the left column). Click Enable or disable in super fan badge option how to activate. The super fan badge on facebook? Delete the badge of one of your super fans. To remove a badge from one of your super Nepal Phone number The handling is not the same as if you want to deactivate a badge. Indeed, you must click on one of the last actions of a fan on your page. Right-click and select “Remove badge”. Alternatively, you can remove a super fan’s badge by going directly to the community. Tab of your page and then follow these same instructions.


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