Is Technology Helping or Hindering Your Marketing Campaigns?

Time-to-market is one of the core indicators of marketing team efficiency, and it is clear that time-to-market means lost opportunities, resulting in lost revenue. Time-to-market for products should not be delayed by the inability of the marketing team to launch the appropriate ad campaign. Marketers also need to be able to launch marketing landing pages and microsites during a marketing campaign. TTM should not be hindered by the technology that marketing teams are using, but should be accelerated by that technology.

Your software choices should be meaningful to both the IT department and the marketing team. However, this often means making compromises where software is not as powerful as IT to do what it needs to do, which will lead to a vicious circle of marketing and increasing demand for software. Software shouldn’t hinder IT from deploying and achieving TTM goals like marketing does.

Post-deployment agility

After spending countless hours getting a website up and aged medicare leads running, it’s easy to sell it to a solution that requires rapid deployment. But what happens after the website goes live? Marketing teams need agility to quickly create new content as well as make changes such as broken links, refine their messaging, fix redirects, and more.

aged medicare leads
aged medicare leads

Third-party integration errors

Of course, your website and analytics are not enough EA Leads to successfully execute a campaign. While integrating them effectively can sometimes be a challenge, vendor approval is just as important. It would be a recipe for disaster if everyone had access to everything in the campaign – too many cooks in the kitchen. It is important to assign specific user controls and permissions after startup. This ensures your team can effectively monitor and improve your campaigns.

You will now be able to identify what opportunities are generated from specific platforms (Google, Bing, etc.), campaigns, devices and keywords. Combine that with spend data on advertising platforms and you’ll be able to get a real ROI. It would also be very beneficial if you had lead scoring data associated with each contact.

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