Latest E-commerce Trends in the Cosmetics Industry

Jaleh Bisharat, co-founder and CEO of NakedPoppy , an American natural cosmetics company, said, “What sets us apart is our expert team of data scientists, makeup artists and skincare experts. Building an online beauty diagnosis service.””It’s what we call an online beauty consultant. After taking a three-minute diagnosis, it uses patent-pending technology to evaluate every product in the store for suitability for that customer. It’s a personalized clean beauty boutique that’s the perfect match,” he said.This kind of personalization bridges the gap between the customer and the online store, providing an experience similar to or better than a makeup counter in a store.”We believe the future is in personalization,”


Bisharat Said.

“One day, everyone will be able to shop in unique and personalized beauty boutiques and stop wasting time on products that don’t suit them,” he said.Cosmetics companies can collect data about new customers, maintain information about existing customers, and offer a unique shopping experience italian phone number tailored to each customer’s needs.“Marketers can show first-time site visitors the kind of surveys they do in stores to find out what their preferences are,” says the American company that provides businesses with personalized customer experiences. Ben Malki, Customer Success Director at technology company Dynamic Yield .


Then, We Will Incorporate Collected Information,

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Such as whether you are interested. In clean or vegan products or whether you have sensitive skin, to provide. A more customized experience. It can play an effective role as an advocate.This kind of personalization also helps. Link a customer’s in-store experience with online shopping.”Previously, we were only engaging with brands offline. But now beauty marketers are able to combine offline purchases with online activities for those who. Are starting to go digital,” malki said. .“for example, by building a segment of people who have recently. Made a purchase in a store (offline) and providing them with relevant content when they. Visit the site or open an email, they can be more efficient. It is possible to shift to online shopping.”


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