Lego Serious Play

So today we have to play with Lego at the convention. Today, I’m super excited because Lego isn’t actually allowed to grow in our house, and after stepping on one of these torture devices, I can understand why. So why are we playing with Lego in our lessons, is it really something I need to learn? I know it’s great for spatial awareness, creative thinking, and teamwork, but it never occurred to me that I might wonder if I need therapy! Now, to ease your concerns, of course I can, Lego games are great too. In fact, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done! I will tell you why.

Now, most of the time, when I come across a project, brief or question, I jump into analysis mode quickly. I did an in-depth quick search – the important information here tells me what message I need to convey. Then I collect, research, read and analyze again. I will continue for a while until I feel confident in the goals and results. When I have an answer to your question, introduction or question, I have really thought about it. I am proud of it. As the seriousness of LEGO games says, I have a meeting with myself. Honestly, they were very pleasant meetings. I know the agenda, I know the work habits, and I know the process very well, which is something I do over and over again. So what does this have to do with Lego? The first project we do is take 6 identical blocks and see how many structural variations we can think of. Yes, good. I know what you mean here. Actually, about  ​​can be made . So I was thinking, yes there are many ways to make cat skin cool. Can we play with Lego now?

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The second project is to build a tower, however you like, but must be in it. Right now, I’m analyzing, and meeting my own mind and concluding: I’m going to take a deep breath on this. I’m canada mobile number doing it wrong, I’m not creative enough to create something awesome. I have zero Lego certificates. But one thing I’m good at is working under pressure, and nothing keeps me going like a time limit. right. 3 minutes to complete the operation and start moving! I really don’t know what I’m doing, my hands are moving, sifting through Lego Hills and then unknowingly. Probably not the most impressive, I do have a lot of questions about the color choices, but to be done briefly! Now the next point is probably the most important, a little daunting, and things are really starting to change. I have my own architecture and now we travel around the team sharing and explaining our architecture. Some feature an impressively high level of playfulness, while others feature stability, enhanced access to the door and water for outdoor activities. This is what I built.

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As I looked down at my structure, I started thinking, “Shit.. how EA Leads do I explain….” I just finished. I didn’t think about it, there was no research and analysis. I’m a little frustrated because I’m not working through the problem the normal way. Then, when the words started to fall on my lips like drips on the table, I realized..I was actually thinking. I’m sharing some of my fears with STRANGERS! ! ! what the fuck. morning. I am doing! I take pride in keeping my personal life separate from my work life, standing in the foreground and being a loyal employee. Now, the words have just melted and I’m in shock. “What are you doing, aren’t you?” started running in my head, “You don’t know these people”. For about 3 minutes, LEGO let me share my world with people I knew and define my own life moments for two weeks. Some lasted 20 minutes. This is my “I need therapy” moment. It was, not exactly. Although I highly recommend to anyone who may be having a hard time, struggling, or just need a chat, get in touch with your doctor or friends and family. Taking good care of your mind is a magical and wonderful thing, take care of it. So what does this mean? I’m starting to suspect that it will be different for everyone. For me, it taught me

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