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You have heard story after story of people making money from their websites. $4000 a month here. $1200 a month there. Are you tired of feeling left out? Ready to learn the art of making money from your website with very little work required on your part? This article will share the secrets of how to sell backlinks on your website to earn money without having to do next to nothing! Ready to earn money? Image Manipulation Service What are backlinks? Backlinks are incoming links to your site. In other words, a backlink is when a link on one website directs visitors to a page on another website.

Image Manipulation Service

Backlinks Are Everywhere on The Internet.

They are like traffic signs directing traffic and directing people to the highways of the web. When we talk about selling backlinks on your website, it means your website is the one doing the linking. For example: Suppose your site is about car maintenance. Mechanic Joe is looking to increase his ranking in Google search results. He discovers backlinking. Because your site has a lot of quality content on a relevant topic, Joe can pay you to simply insert links from your site to his site. Too good to be true ? Let’s talk about why backlinks are so important to help understand the potential of selling backlinks. Backlinks and SEO There are many factors that Google and other search engines use to calculate a website’s SEO.

According to Andrey Lippatsev

(a senior search quality strategist at Google), the two main ones are links and content. Did you get that? The two most important elements in determining how Google ranks a site are the content of the site and the links pointing to the site. Creating and sharing content is crucial. It takes a lot of work and a lot of time. Getting links pointing to your site (especially high-quality links…more to come later) takes a lot less work and can have a much faster impact. Why are links so important? Links are like votes. Every link pointing to a website is like another vote saying “Go ahead!” 10 links = Good 1000 links = Much better Link quality Link volume isn’t the only factor that matters for a website’s SEO.

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