Managing Freelance Writers: How To Find, Train & Retain Top Talent

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Freelance writers can greatly increase ROI, but you have your work cut out in managing them. Here’s how to find and train them – and let them go, if needed.

For most, the benefits of using freelance writers for your digital marketing agency or business far outweigh the challenges.

One of the greatest pros is the higher ROI you may enjoy as a result of not having to hire a full-time writer in-house, especially when content volume doesn’t call for it.

However, you may experience challenges around timeliness and getting freelancers to follow your outlines and direction.

There are other challenges, such as training them for growth and retaining them for the long haul, too.

And then there’s the most challenging situation of all – ending the contract with a freelance writer who just isn’t working out.

Outsourcing content creation comes with risks, as bad hires can damage your company image by plagiarizing content or spreading harmful gossip.

In this article, you’ll find tips to help avoid these potential pitfalls and make the most of your freelance writer relationships by learning how to find, train, retain, and even let go of freelance writers in the best possible ways.

How To Find Online Writers

Successful agencies have clients across various niches and can’t expect one writer to be an expert at everything for each client.

In fact, I’ve met only a few writers who write proficiently for every client.

Those types are difficult to find, and if you do discover Colombia Phone Number one of these “factotum” writers, it’s best to retain them.

These freelance writers have the endurance to consistently turn out quality work.

They possess the desire to learn, and the discipline to follow instructions on things like formatting, citations, style, etc. that improve your content quality.

But these factotum writers are tough to find.

Recently, a long-standing client in the aftermarket auto industry asked us to ramp up content output.

This client needs over a year’s worth of product descriptions – more than 20,000 SKUs among a few agencies.

The writing requires a deep knowledge of the world of aftermarket automobile accessories within a few different model types, from quarter-mile muscle cars to off-roading.

I had two auto experts on my freelance staff but needed a lot more.

I launched some LinkedIn ads that were very specific regarding the subject matter.

It was clear that if the freelance writers didn’t understand the niche, they shouldn’t apply.

That didn’t happen. Just 2 out of every 10 applicants had the skills and knowledge required.

With that being said, here are a few tips to help you find the right freelance writers for your project online.

For Targeted Niches, Seek Journalists First

LinkedIn has been my go-to for the past five years when searching for freelance writers or other employees.

The more targeted the niche, the more you’ll need to search for a subject matter expert who can actually write. This is where journalists are great targets.

I work with many journalists across various top-tier publications within their niches, from finance to motorcycles.

Full-time writers within smaller niches are typically hungry for money.

Read the top publications and reach out to the writers via email or social media.

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