The Great Challenges That Marketing Strategy Must Now Face

Things are not easy for brands and companies. Messages, and products require a balance of more and more elements and more issues. Marketing managers are still just adapting to Czech Republic Phone Number List the digital revolution. When they have already started new sources of problems and new elements that force them to rethink things. Are increasingly porous. “Fuzzy boundaries mean that people are more and more like brands and brands are more and more like people. Explains kantar’s fritz friedland, who has just released a study on the issue.

Brands Have Had to Assume Issues and Characteristics

Changes in the market have created points of friction and have caused. Brands and companies and their managers to face new challenges. The study identifies several as those that are now setting the agenda. Information has become the key to the 21st century and also what sets the agenda for brands and companies. Your consumers are becoming not only more connected but also Czech Republic Phone Number List more informed. Access to information is recurring and increasingly massive. Which makes the state of things different. On average, consumers spend 2.7 hours consuming content and media offline.  The figures are global averages.

40% of Internet Users Are Concerned About the Amount of Information

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To this we must add that those connected hours are not even concentrated in one field. But are scattered over different devices and different screens. Information has become omnipresent and above all. It has changed the relationship we have with it. We have become accustomed to Czech Republic Phone Number List multitasking that makes the state of things different. That the attention changes and that the brands have to play with other weapons. And, in addition, companies now have to take into account another issue. The fact that they run the risk of saturating their consumers to a greater extent than in the past.

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