My boss asked me to improve employee happiness but I don’t know how to do it

Regarding this question. My suggestion is that first you have to confirm with your boss what he thinks happiness is. Which is very important. When your superior gives you a task and you don’t understand that task. You still need to communicate and confirm first. Because it is very likely that the happiness you understand is different from the happiness understood by your boss. My understanding of happiness is that happiness comes from comparison. When the writer Liu  was on the show, he asked the host a question: Where do you think is the coolest? The answer he gave was interesting. He said the first coolest place was the kitchen door. Why? Because in the past, firewood was used for cooking in the countryside, and the fire was very hot. One person had to add firewood and cook vegetables.

For example when the pharmacy cannot buy medicine

And he was too busy. At this time, when you walk to the door of the kitchen, a gust of wind blows, and you will feel very cool. The second coolest place is under the trees on the ground of the dealer. Farmers are busy working on the fields, bending over to work, sweating profusely Poland Phone Number List and the weather is very hot. If you can sit in a cool place under a tree for a while and drink water, wouldn’t you feel very cool? Therefore, happiness is not a fixed state, nor is it a thing. If you give it to the other party, the other party will feel happy. Happiness is relative. For example, when the pharmacy cannot buy medicine, the company distributes two ibuprofen to each employee, which is happiness.

When a new employee comes to work on the first day

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When an employee is in poor health and asks for leave from his superior the superior replies “Take care of yourself. Remember to let me know the results of the inspection, so that I can feel at ease,” which is also a sense of happiness. Our company has a tradition EA Leads that is, at the end of the year, we will give each employee’s parent a vegetable allowance of 2,000 yuan. Why is it called Caijin? When your child grows up, the company will take care of your child, and the company will take care of him. However, when the employees go home during the Chinese New Year, the parents will cook a lot of dishes. We will bear the cost so that the parents can cook more good dishes. From the establishment of the company to the present. Whether we make money or not. We have been insisting on doing this. This is also a sense of happiness.

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