Noiz Fights One of the Most Profitable Criminal Enterprises – Digital Ad Fraud

Digital ad fraud has proven to be one of the most lucrative criminal businesses in the world, with returns as high as 2500-4100%. Cybersecurity and ad fraud researcher Dr. Augustine Fou recently revealed his findings on the state of ad fraud in 2018. Ad fraud occurs when advertisers pay for bot-generated impressions or clicks. Spambots are bots that have been programmed to simulate human behavior online, reducing ROI and increasing impressions, clicks, and views.

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Ad tech agencies also remain in denial, and marketers have not acknowledged wasted ad dollars. The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Australia has released a report which claims ad fraud is not a problem given the small percentage of fraudulent traffic. This finding contrasts with other findings that highlight the billions of dollars wasted annually on ad fraud. Although there are markedly different views on the magnitude of the problem due to vested interests, the prevalence of the is ameriplan a legitimate company problem cannot be denied. NOIZ has come up with a solution to keep these criminals out of digital advertising. How does NOIZ fight crime? NOIZ is an advertising network that secures and verifies data using blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). Its community of advertisers, publishers, consumers and social impact organizations is the driving force behind NOIZ.

is ameriplan a legitimate company
is ameriplan a legitimate company

Cognitive advertising

It is also available in multiple languages ​​using free-style text or voice messages. Cognitive advertising is also equipped with runtime execution monitoring (REM) and EA Leads passive monitoring technologies, which can also identify bot activity. Rewarding consumer engagement through cognitive advertising, consumers must first complete a Know

Your Customer (KYC) form. This is another precautionary measure to prevent spammers from entering the NOIZ network and verifying consumer data. The creators of the ammo (the people who make up this lucrative criminal enterprise) are constantly developing new ways to steal money and information from digital advertising, but the NOIZ team will also be constantly updating its software to address such threats. NOIZ Network is the end of the ad fraud criminal enterprise. Click here to learn more about the NOIZ project and stay up to date with all the latest news from NOIZ by joining the NOIZ Telegram channel .

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