Lego Figures Turn 40 a Key Piece in the Construction of the Brand

One of the most clearly identifiable pieces of Lego products – and one that consumers feel closest to – are their figures. Within the game, the figures are one of the fundamental elements, which give the experience a different level. But while it may seem that lego figures are as old as the brand (which crossed the 80-year mark not so long ago). Its history is actually more recent. Lego Georgia Phone Number List  them in the 70s and, in fact, the figures have just turned 40 years old right now. The history of figures goes back, however, to a few years earlier. When lego released a figure made of lego bricks with moving arms. The product evolved and in 1978 the company launched the minifigure format with facial expressions. Arms and legs that move, and the size we know today.

A Piece of Your Identity Lego Figures Became a Versatile Element

Lego figures became a versatile element, which has been adapting to social changes and the company’s different launches. The dolls have been practically anything and have also become a key part of lego’s licensing. Strategy (which has grown a lot and has been able to take Georgia Phone number  advantage of popular brands very well). The first licensed figures appeared in 1999, with a star wars collection. But since then many other well-known figures have been added. Lego dolls have been from harry potter to marvel superheroes. The figures are, thus, one more element among those that enthusiastic. Lego fans collect and one more piece that has helped them become a lovemark.

Lego, Building a Beloved Brand Lego Has Managed

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Lego has managed to become one of the reference brands in the toy market and one of the most valued. The company has managed to associate itself with very positive values ​​and has managed to become a benchmark. The fact that their figures have been incorporating Georgia Phone Number List elements that help to connect with a more diverse society and more similar to reality. Such as, for example, the launch of a figure in a wheelchair. While other toy companies have seen how their flagship products were seen as outdated (and just think of barbie’s complicated history in recent years). It has helped cement that image.

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