All You Need to Know About Online Advertising (Done Simply)

In other words, All the benefits of online advertising can make up a lengthy list. But there are three main benefits that justify sending a big chunk of your marketing budget to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

1. Online advertising channels can cover every stage of the marketing funnel

In other words, A marketing funnel is a model that depicts Estonia Phone number how people become customers—from first learning about the brand to making the purchase. It’s also related to the concept of the customer journey. Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

The beauty of online advertising is it can help you achieve any objective that you have as a marketer. Its use cases cover the whole funnel—from increasing brand awareness at the top to influencing purchase decisions at the bottom. You can even do all of this within one platform like Google Ads.

2. You can target potential customers really well

In other words, You don’t even need to be in marketing to know about the granularity with which you can target people on the internet. Examples include showing banners on relevant websites, YouTube ads based on the watch history, and reminders about abandoned carts.

For an example of targeting options, take a look at our four most promoted pages in Google’s paid search results:

In other words, Data from Paid pages report in Ahrefs’ Site Explorer.

In other words, When people click through to those pages, they’re likely to sign up for a free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools account or even for our complete toolset. That’s because they’re already aware of the problems they need to solve and are looking for a solution. And that’s what we provide.

3. You can measure it easily

In other words, Most online advertising platforms provide a tracking pixel—a piece of code that connects the ad click with what the user does on your website. It keeps you in the loop about important metrics, such as the return on your ad spend.

On its own, marketing data analytics is a complex field. However, the technologies behind online advertising channels make tracking and measuring your marketing campaigns easily accessible.

In other words, Here’s what such reporting looks like in Google Ads:  Best database provider | classy database

In other words, You can’t just blindly throw Estonia Phone number money into Google Ads and expect to take over the market. Regardless of your skill level, your results will be vastly diminished if you’re not guided by a proper marketing strategy.

In other words, Here’s a simplified marketing strategy checklist to assess whether you’re ready:

  • You’ve done your research and know your market.
  • You’ve decided which segments of your market are the most valuable for you to target.
  • You know how your target segments should perceive your brand and products (positioning).
  • You’ve set up strategic objectives that will guide your marketing efforts.

In other words, That’s quite a lot of things that have nothing to do with online advertising, right? That’s because online advertising represents just a piece of the promotion part in the famous four Ps of marketing, which form your marketing tactics. And tactics are just a third of the overall marketing:

In other words, Online advertising is simply a communication medium. It provides tools to target people in all stages of the marketing funnel. But in the end, it’s just a minor part of marketing.

In other words, Keep this section in mind as a key takeaway. Today’s marketing suffers from too much attention being paid to tactics, especially the promotion part. Always look at the bigger picture and align your advertising efforts with your marketing strategy based on proper market research.

And now, you’re ready to dive into the nitty-gritty of online advertising.

In other words, There’s a lot happening behind the scenes of showing your ads to the right audience. In other words, Creating the ad itself as an end product is usually the easier part. The key principles lie in setting up your ad account and planning your advertising budget.

Let’s first get the money side of things out of the way. This makes Estonia Phone number it easier to understand the ad account management part.

Buying the ads

Advertising consists of buying exposure to potential buyers. In the online space, it’s most often in the form of an ad view (impression) or a click to your website. This is the basis for the two most common bidding methods you’ll encounter:

  • CPC (cost per click) – In other words, This is where the whole discipline of PPC (pay-per-click) marketing stems from.
  • CPM (cost per mille or cost per thousand) – This is most often used for cost-per-thousand impressions. But it’s also applicable elsewhere, e.g., $30 CPM for podcast sponsorships where the variable stands for (projected) listens or downloads.

In other words, So what’s the bidding about? Technically, any advertising space is an auction.

With online advertising platforms, these bids on clicks or impressions are entered into an auction system that decides which ads will be shown where and for how much. While the bidding price plays a significant role here. In other words, it’s not the only factor the ad systems consider when choosing auction winners.

Setting up the ads

This subsection could easily be a book on its own for  Estonia Phone number each advertising platform. Therefore, While going into details here doesn’t make sense, there are two essential aspects of setting up the ads that are universally applicable.

Therefore, The first aspect is the overall hierarchy of your ad account. Every ad platform has a management system that should make creating, changing, or updating ads easy and quick to do.

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