Partnering With Digital Marketing Your Wedding Brand Online

Can brands actually sell weddings online? Well, yes. But it’s not selling weddings, it’s selling experiences. Come to think of it, when it comes to wedding planning, most people don’t buy or book simply because of an ad they saw on social media (if that’s the case, great – to our marketers Better yet!) But, in most cases, we know this won’t happen.

Often, last touch marketing doesn’t work in this industry due to the nature of weddings. They are big. Hope once in a lifetime. So if you don’t have any ideas in advance, you won’t just book or plan them in gusto. The whole industry is very glamorous.

What Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors

As such, digital marketers must play the “long game”, which requires a customized customer journey, from the initial experience all the way to the final booking, following the audience, which must align with the customer’s expectations, concerns, mindset, and desired outcomes Target Audience.

As a digital marketing agency with extensive experience marketing online wedding brands, we wanted to focus on three main stages in the process: Inspire, Inform and Introduce.

This is the brand awareness stage; it’s soft-touch, engaging, and distributes relevant lifestyle content on the website or through social media channels like Instagram and all indian phone numbers Pinterest. Think, “wedding goals.” At this stage, the goal is to get the audience inspiring, passionate, and immersive content about the wedding.

How to Get Bestseller Status With Your First Book

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all indian phone numbers

For clients like Braxted Park, we needed to combine everything we had learned in the realm of wedding venue branding. This stunning country estate with many unique features, the key to this project was to highlight the benefits without being overly client-facing.

We work closely with our clients to understand what EA Leads Braxted Park stands for. Then from the branding team flowed in the creatives and copywriters who wrote the branding book and ended up making a beautiful website.

These ads are then targeted to a tailored Facebook audience consisting of women who are engaged, recently engaged, friends with women who are recently engaged or in a long-term relationship, to ensure our ads are shown to the right people. We then placed realistic geographic barriers around both venues by assuming that the two people would not travel more than three hours away from home.

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