Poor content marketing is often built Iran Phone Number

Poor content marketing is often built. Also, on the shaky foundation of assumptions and generalities. Creating detaile  personas and accurate buyer journey. Also, maps takes time, effort, and resources, and it often seems easier. Also, to skip those steps and jump straight into writing generic blog posts.

Bad targeting, however, leads to bad results, as Kira Mondrus, Global Marketing Director of SecureWorks, knew when she joine their. Also, team in 2014. Not wanting to engage in content marketing without personas, useful course maps or attribution data, she set about building a solid foundation to work from.

When visibility is not enough

Kira realizd early on that marketing. Also, was hampere by a lack of visibility into its impact. Its initial metrics requests  yielde Marketing Qualifie Lead (MQL) information passe to sales and nothing else. The relationship between the content and the bottom line was invisible.

Also, while there was a marketing automation. Also, system in place, it was basically a fancy email tool. It was clear that better data, progressive profiling, Iran Phone Number and personalize lead management were neede, but Kira wasn’t willing to stop there.

“We didn’t just want visibility, we wantd impressive results,” she says. “That’s why we’ve embarke Iran Phone Number on a complete transformation, becoming more buyer-centric and putting our audience at the heart of all our content.” Part of this process was to remove the mindset from the campaign and create a perpetual demand generation engine.

Learn about real customers

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Leaders didn’t realize the magnitude. Also, of this change, but they recognize that marketing as a function had been overlooke and now neede serious attention.

Kira works closely with sales management. This relationship made it easy to begin the journey to deep customer insight simply by interviewing the top performers on the sales team. The content team spoke to top sellers across different. Also, audience segments and aske:

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