Case Study Lego and Snapchat Open Their First Pop-up Store

No one would have thought of it, but they did! Indeed, the lego company is the leader in the construction toys market. Has been collaborating with the social network Snapchat. Which has been losing power for some time, but nevertheless remains the favorite social network for teenagers. From this collaboration was born a pop-up store between the two companies. We are therefore going Namibia Phone number to tell you about the release of this pop-up store. About the boost for the social network, and finally. The repercussions of the opening of this pop-up store on the Snapchat social network. An unexpected pop-up store on the occasion of the launch of the new lego. Adult clothing collection ( lego wear ), the latter did not do things like everyone else. Also, the Danish construction toy company invited Londoners to visit its “empty” pop-up store.

An Unexpected Pop-up Store on the Occasion Millennials

Strange will you tell me? Well no, not strange, but moose and that’s what pleases! In the “empty” store is simply a QR code displayed on the wall. The latter allows the most curious to go to Snapchat and discover Lego’s virtual reality store! The company then lets Internet users discover its new clothing collection through an original and participatory ad. Lego pop-up store in virtual reality Namibia Phone number Snapchat The clothing collection is worn by LEGOs that act as mannequins in the virtual store. Thus, the company wants to keep its virtual identity and not do like everyone else. We thus notice that Internet users like novelty and that the opening of this pop-up store intends to make people talk about it. LEGO says the project revolves around stylish and nostalgic Millennials.

The Little Boost for Snapchat Snapchat Has Been Experiencing

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As a reminder, Millennials (or digital natives) are those people born between 1980 and 2000. They are categorized as the most important generation since the baby boomers. Interior of empty pop-up store and virtual reality pop-up store The little boost for Snapchat Snapchat has been Namibia Phone number experiencing a loss of momentum for some time. Its users are deserting the social network and turning to new platforms like TikTok, the hottest platform among teenagers right now. Also, this collaboration is a real opportunity for Snapchat which can set out to conquer its lost users. Although extended, Londoners will be the majority of users of the QR code of Snapchat and Lego.

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