Remote companies share their favorite collaboration tools

Remote work has been on the rise in many industries in recent years. It has many benefits: convenience, saves time and money, increases productivity, provides more focus and flexibility. For 65% of workers, working from home is the reason they prefer their work. According to the FlexJobs survey, telecommuting is the most in-demand type of flexible work arrangement (80%), followed by flexible plans (71%).


However, for business owners in 2020, switching companies to remote mode, fully or partially, can be a survival strategy for many more reasons. Now, it’s not just a smart move to cut costs, do business across borders, and work with foreign partners. Remote work is also a way to adapt and provide your team with the social distancing needed to deal with a global pandemic .

Fortunately, there are enough tools and platforms to enable seamless online operations and work-related communications. When managing a remote workforce, it’s important to know which productivity and online collaboration tools to Netherlands Mobile Number use and how they can help you manage your company from anywhere.


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We asked 13 remote companies to share your favorite collaboration tools you might consider using for your business.

Jonathan Holloway, no exam required

As a 100% remote company, we rely heavily on Google’s suite of products for collaboration. Google Sheets and Google Docs are very important to us. Their suite provides everything we need, from video chat to conference calls to file sharing and document collaboration.

We’ve tried other products in the past, like Slack, Trello, and Airtable.

We have been in business since 2013 and went fully remote in 2015. We are a digital life insurance brokerage. We’ve found that it’s easier for senior remote salespeople as we’re struggling to find qualified talent in our area. Since then, we have decided that we no longer need to ask people to come into the office. This is the #1 perk you can give your employees.

Katie Horgan, Teaching Assistant

We’ve been thinking about ways to connect with remote workers. Our first two tools are Slack and Google Hangouts, as they each serve a different purpose.

We use a dedicated Slack channel to send instant messages to remotes that invite the entire company to join us.

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