Sales and Market Positioning Are Very Good. This is Bigger.

For some reason, there is a long history of non-cooperation and even outright hostility between the sales and marketing teams. As the sales and market landscape accelerates, expands and becomes increasingly digital, alignment is more important than ever.

Integrating shared systems, goals and compensation can pay off handsomely. Even small steps like sales and marketing can agree on the definition of a qualified lead, which can go a long way in improving the performance of organizations suffering from organizational silos.

The Pedowitz group cites marketing synergy with sales as the number one predictor of revenue marketing success. Research by Marketo and Reachforce found that businesses that focus on sales and marketing alignment are 67% more likely to close deals than businesses that don’t. Successful acquisitions, CRM and lead nurturing programs are not possible without sales and marketing coordination.

Are sales and market positioning effective?

And, as customer journeys become more personalized to suit individual messaging, channel, and device preferences, rational organizations will be able to deliver more relevant customer experiences.

As is the nature of the blogosphere, the post announcing company ceo emails its demise was soon followed by the first-ever post praising the advantages of sales and marketing coordination. Some people prefer “synergy” to “alliance”. CallidusCloud blogger Bave Dave Jackson said the sales and marketing alliance was the wrong goal, saying it was more representative of the old-fashioned sales funnel approach.

Like all best practices, the concept of sales and market positioning has enormous potential, but this is just a starting point. There is a big difference between someone else’s best practice and yours. As the sales/marketing world spins faster, the shelf life of best practices is shorter than ever.

company ceo emails
company ceo emails

Bottom line? Your customer’s success is your success.

The real problem is that when salespeople and marketers EA Leads get together to talk about goals, they usually talk about their own goals – funnels, channels, pitches, and the president’s club. Pay less and less attention to what your customers are doing and help them achieve their goals.

Not that the world needs another Venn diagram, but it might be helpful to expand the discussion beyond sales and marketing to cover customer goals.

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