Since category strategy is so important and critical what are the methods for researching

Small and medium-sized enterprises use category strategy to create a brand-new category with the attitude of an innovator. Then they are leaders at the beginning. This is also the most effective way for startups to create unicorns. Since category strategy is so important and critical, what are the methods for researching categories? Before studying categories, we must first clarify the two core concepts of “evolution” and “differentiation”. If you don’t know the difference between the two, and regard “evolution” as “differentiation differentiation” as “evolution”, it will cause some wrong actions and ineffective investment in brand building. Let’s first look at the theory of evolution in Darwin’s “Origin of Species”. Darwin said in his later years that the theory of evolution was a great misleading of his theory, but what he was actually talking about was differentiation.

Before studying categories we must first clarify the two core concepts of

How did life come about? Evolution is just one of the forces, but the power of evolution is far less powerful than the power of differentiation. It stands to reason that it should be called “differentiation theory” better. Mr. Rees was enlightened by the rules in Darwin’s “Origin of Species”. In 2004, he published “The Origin of Brands”. What he understands is that Philippines Phone Number List categories are differentiated and brands are evolving.” These two forces work together to form the prosperity of today’s business world. At the same time, he also believes that the most important and core force is differentiation, evolution is the evolution of a single brand, and differentiation is the differentiation of the entire category. 1 Evolution is brand upgrading , differentiation is category innovation for example. During the entire development process of Ford Motor, it has been constantly evolving around the category of cars. But in this process, new models and new category demands will also be generated.

Evolution is just one of the forces but the power of evolution

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For example, today’s popular SUVs, MPVs and other models are all born according to the overall life style of the society and the progress and requirements of technology. More than 100 EA Leads years ago, the Ford Model T was the first family car in the full sense of mankind. Before that. Sedans were a luxury item. Because Ford invented the assembly line division of work. Each person is responsible for a section. So that the efficiency car production  greatly improved. And the cost  increased production capacity  reduced. Which means that the selling price also relatively reduced. In the end, the price of the Model T car reduced to the level that the working class can afford. affordable. With the advancement of technology, by 1954, the Ford has added some new equipment, such as air conditioners, etc., so that users can sit more comfortably and have a stronger sense of control. Continued to develop until 2004, Ford Taurus added some new equipment.

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