E-commerce Key Figures for 2018 the Study Key Figures

The study of key figures for e-commerce in 2018 has finally come to an end. It’s time for us to summarize the most important points of e-commerce in 2018. This article is based on the study carried out by the FEVAD (e-commerce federation of remote winds). E-commerce and Norway Phone number individuals, First of all, we note that the year 2018 was beneficial for the e-commerce sector. Indeed, thanks to an increase in the offer as well as the frequency of purchases by Internet users, e-commerce is experiencing constant growth. Today, 85.5% of consumers buy online, or 37.5 million French people. Among this 85.5%, 12.1 million have already purchased online from their smartphone.

E-commerce and Individuals We Note That the Year 2018

The study conducted by FEVAD deciphers the profile of these consumers according to gender, age group, CSP, and geographical location: Who are the e-commerce consumers in France? The e-commerce market The more the years pass, the more the e-commerce market in France becomes important. Also, with a weight of 81.7 billion €, we note an increase of 14.3% since 2016. The e-commerce market is therefore becoming more important for the French economy. We also note that the supports also had an Norway Phone number important place in the interpretation of this turnover. Indeed, telephones are becoming the medium most used by Internet users to make an online purchase. As for the e-commerce sector, it continues to gain market share. E-merchant sites After learning about the trend in the e-commerce market, you will no doubt want to know more about the world of merchant sites.

The E-commerce Market the More the Years Pass

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Just like the e-commerce market, the more the years pass, the more merchant sites multiply. Indeed, in 2018, we counted no less than 182,000 active merchant sites. This figure continues to evolve. Which therefore reflects a certain enthusiasm for this sector of activity. Which is attracting more and more internet users. Following this observation. We have identified the 5 most Norway Phone number visited e-commerce sites in 2018 and we find there. Amazon cdiscount fnac private sales yes sncf consumption habits finally. We wanted to take a closer look at the consumption habits of internet users. We then notice that the amount of the average transaction has fallen by 5% unlike 2016. Which therefore increases it to.


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