Swedish Beverage Brand Kopparberg Launches

The campaign’s social-first ad is served as an Instagram Story with a ‘swipe up’ link encouraging people to join the giveaway campaign for a chance to win Kopparberg prizes.  Anyone who receives a direct message from a friend will receive another prize if they win. Prizes include Kopparberg therefore glassware, tote bags and packs of hard seltzer (alcoholic sparkling water).“Pass the Present” is part of an ongoing creative partnership between Kopparberg and Born Social that helps brands maintain cultural connections through engaging social content.


Born Social Account Director

The point is that it takes. One shape and starts china phone number list to move.”nicola fairchild, digital media manager, kopparberg uk said:“this has been a really tough year. For many people and I wanted to use kopparberg uk’s social media . Channels to spread a little bit of joy this holiday season. I can’t thank you enough therefore for all the likes, comments and interactions you’ve shared. As well as your incredible fan support for the new products we launched in 2020 (rum, hard seltzer, pear gin, etc.). Innovation is at the heart of the kopparberg brand and we are delighted. To partner with born social to deliver this unique social-first campaign.”.


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