Thank you Leehom Wang for reminding us that we must

Recently, I was burned by the Wang family’s thunderbolt. Thank you for the sacrifice of Lei Shen’s hammer for the world, otherwise many fans and sisters will be eaten and wiped off accidentally. In addition, Dad Wang raised oil to put out the fire and seriously injured his son (of course, these behaviors and values ​​were also passed on to Honghong).

It just happened that I suggested before that everyone

Should go to each other’s house to Slovenia Phone Number each other before getting married. This time, by the way, I will sort out what to pay attention to. Object and parent interaction This I put first, very important to draw stars. The interaction can be seen in the parent’s education style, the education style will show in the child’s personality, the personality affects the behavior and everything.

For example parents who are strong and interfering

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In many ways will raise children with shoulders. Such as children who are adults and interfere with what they eat and who they marry. Ssually children still want to resist in their hearts, and they are prone to sex or alcohol addiction. But This kind of parent will say that my child is good when something happens to the child. And it’s all the fault of others.

Criticizing and critical parents can easily make their children lack self-confidence. They are used to being scolded, and they always feel that they are not good enough, and they are not good enough, causing mental and insomnia problems. Parents who are enlightened and respectful of their children will teach children who love and respect others. Of course, as a mother,

I really feel that it is not easy to do. There are no perfect parents. But tolerance and respect for oneself and their children are very helpful to the family atmosphere. If the partner is loud and disrespectful to the parents. It is impossible to cherish and respect the other half after marriage; and even the parents are deceived (please refer to this article by the liar )

Everyone will deceive don’t think that only you are different. Of course It’s all the same; the interaction with parents is indifferent. Which makes people worry about whether the home will not be warm afterward (but it still depends on the object’s ability to manage

Their relationship and the need for emotional attachment. ecause some will copy their original family. Some will hope himself is completely different from the family of origin, but the former is the majority

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