Air France’s 100% Digital Strategy Success Thanks to Youtube

We often wonder if the standards of communication can be shaken up. The arrival of new technologies and digital marketing so that we can think that the latter will replace traditional marketing. “ can digitally replace print? That was the question we asked ourselves a few months ago. Today, we wanted to talk to you about a concrete example. Of a company that is shaking up standards and South Africa Phone number creating an entirely digital communication strategy. Here we are going to talk about air france and its digitization. The french airline has deployed a 100% digital communication plan. What does it consist of? What are the fallouts? Youtube ads. The pillar of air france’s digital communication youtube has been at the heart of air france’s digital strategy for several years now. Also, since 2014, the company has been adapting its video campaigns according to its needs.

Youtube Ads the Pillar of Air France’s Digital Communication

This strategy seems to work well for the company that knows its market and knows which target. It is addressed according to each video. For example, when it first started using youtube, air France wanted to work on brand awareness. They were then able to stand out and achieve their goal. Launching short video formats on youtube ads, including “Trueview” formats. The “France is in South Africa Phone number the air” campaign has thus enabled the airline to obtain more than 100 million views and up to 10 markets. Reputation and market share points in certain countries, such as Brazil for example. This year, air France had a completely different objective. Professional travelers are therefore the main target of air France’s new digital campaign.

How Will Air France Achieve This Target Precisely to Its Needs

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The black point of this strategy is that it will be necessary to be particularly meticulous with this target which represents only 4% of the French population, but is still very important in the eyes of Air France. How will Air France achieve this target precisely? Air France is therefore facing a new problem. Indeed, in order for its communication campaign to be relevant, it must South Africa Phone number be visible. To target professionals, this campaign must also be accessible, regardless of the country. This is when YouTube Ads remain the best distribution platform for their message. Air France then turned to the “TrueView for Reach” format. Like the classic “TrueView” format, the ad is “skippable” (can be deactivated) after 5 seconds of viewing.


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