The 8 Best Website Builders for Blogs in 2022

That makes sense—often, writers prefer to simply get to publishing right away with content that is clean and readable, and pouring resources into a flashy website can be unproductive. After all, the content is meant to speak for itself, not some gimmicky design. And the good news is, these days you don’t have to make a choice between design quality and a quickly built website for a blog. There are plenty of great template options available, and we’ve collected our top picks for the best

Website Builders for Blogs

For the uninitiated: a website builder is a service that allows you to create and customize a website without writing any code. All you have to do is make an account with the service, answer some questions about your website needs and goals, choose a template, customize the design with the platform’s proprietary editor, pay and launch. Finland WhatsApp Number List Illustration of a blogger working on a laptop to create her website Design by Orange Crush Because most website builders function similarly and there are so many around now, it can be difficult to know which choice is right for you.

With That in Mind Let’s Get the

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specific things you should look for when shopping for website builders for blogs. What to look for in a website builder for a blog — Does it cover the entire web development process? Most website builders will bill themselves as a one-stop shop (and most of the major ones are), but it’s a good idea to verify this for yourself. Review the steps to create a website and double check that the builder will take care of each one. For example, one builder we’ll discuss later requires you to secure your own hosting. Mascot illustration of a construction worker Building a website is luckily much easier these days than building a house.

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